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Customer Testimonials

"One Eighty Business Solutions Customer Testimonials"

One Eighty Business Solutions Opens as Premier Consulting Firm in Harrisonburg, Virginia
07.01.2006 - Singers Glen, VA

Rick White, previously a management consultant with GenesisFour Corporation, opens One Eighty Business Consulting, LLC, a consulting company offering Quickbooks training & consulting, management training and business coaching & consulting to small and mid-sized companies in Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia.

About Us
Richard (Rick) F. White, II
President & CEO
Consultant, Coach & Strategist
Rick White has been working in the consulting, software and automotive industry for greater than twenty-four years. He brings to the business a career’s worth of technical experience, sixteen years of management experience and four years of fleet management experience. He owned a successful automotive repair shop in Melrose, MA which he sold for a profit several years ago. Rick has worked for several major companies as owner, manager or consultant such as GenesisFour Corporation, and Northeastern AAA. Rick believes strongly in education and has achieved many honors and awards. He served as President of the Massachusetts & Rhode Island chapter of the Automotive Service Association from 1996 - 2000. He served on the ACDelco Master Technician Advisory Committee for ACDelco from 1996 - 1998. In 1997, Rick became an Accredited Automotive Manager by graduating the certificate program from the Automotive Service Association in Colorodo Springs, CO. Rick is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and, in addition to general business coaching, training and consulting, provides training and consulting with clients on all Quickbooks financial products. He is a motivated, self-starter and has a passion for coaching and consulting.

Brenda C. Hanson
Chief Operating Officer
Service and Operations Management
Brenda Hanson is an executive manager of Customer Service, Operations and Information Technology with more than eighteen years of experience in these areas. She has a track record of successfully turning service situations around by increasing customer satisfaction and consistently contributing to the substantive increase in company revenues. She has a record of successful change management with the innate ability to identify internal processes that easily lend themselves to streamlining. Brenda has worked on the executive staff of many national corporations including EMC Corporation, System Management ARTS, Inc., Aprisma Management Technologies and Enterasys Networking Corporation.

To help small to medium sized business owners rapidly improve their business management and leadership skills in a manner that enables them to re-take control of both their businesses and their lives!


Lead by example
We lead by example and are the role models for excellence.

Results driven
We will always go the extra mile to achieve results on time.

Maintain a customer focus
Our customers are the reason for our existence and we therefore always strive to delight them by exceeding their expectations.

Care and respect for others
We respect diversity in each other, value our employees and their contributions, will treat each person equitably, fairly and with the utmost dignity, care and respect.

We strive for excellence in all we do.

We believe in collaborate innovation and will always take joint responsibility in all initiatives.

We will adhere to the highest standards of conduct and moral behavior by maintaining the highest level of ethics in all of our actions personally and as a company.

We will empower decision making authority throughout our company in an effort to better satisfy the needs of our clients.

Education & Support
We will always foster a safe learning environment to keep our company fresh and on the leading edge of consulting, training and coaching.